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Job Results Page

The Job Results page displays details about a finished job. This page contains useful information regarding the execution of the job, such as:

  • Status of the job

  • Details about the job execution - duration, environment, user, etc.

  • Information about the different job stages

Additional tabs in the Job Results page displays information about source and output information, an overall profile of the output data, any rules or parameters used in the job, and a complete dependency graph of any dependent sources or flows.

Click on the Profile tab to view the profiling information for the entire output dataset, including details and statistics.

You can also export results files from the Output Destinations tab of the Job Results page.

Accessing the Job Results Page

There are two ways to access Job Results.

1. From the Flow View

In the Flow Canvas, view details of an Output node. In the Jobs tab of the Details panel, click on the Job ID to open the Job Results page.

2. Jobs Page

Click the Jobs icon on the left navigation bar.

The Jobs page shows the statuses of the latest job runs.

  • You can toggle between Jobs and Plan Runs separately from the tabs.

  • Click on a Job name to be taken to the Job Details page.

You can also filter or search the job runs for your desired job.

Tip: Use the search bar to filter for your desired job.

To learn more about Job Details, read this detailed documentation article.

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