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Note: This feature is only available in premium version of Trifacta.

Plans and Orchestration help users build complex data pipelines without the need for additional coding. In the newest release, we have added new functionality to make it easier to create dynamic plan executions and monitor them.

What's New?


Users can parameterize components of their workflow, including dataset, recipe and output parameters. While this is useful at the granular level, it isn't always easy having to update several variables in different places in a longer data pipeline. With Plan parameters, users are now able to override variables without having to change the underlying artifacts, and schedule plans with different parameters.

Monitoring View

Similar to jobs for Flows, you can now monitor the status of your Plans. A new menu has been added to the Jobs page, which can show an execution history of Plans and individual plan tasks.

Status Rules

Create complex workflows using Plans by taking advantage of parallel tasks and status rules to build your data pipeline.

HTTP Tasks

Integrate with external systems to deliver notifications or trigger workflows via Webhooks or HTTP call tasks.

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