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While it is pretty easy to launch a new job manually, it doesn't make sense to have to log in every time to click a button. Trifacta allows you easily automate your flows or plans with schedules.

Create a new Schedule for Flows

After you have finished developing the recipes in your flow and tested the job, you can define scheduled executions of the recipe or recipes within the flow. To create a new scheduled flow:

  1. Navigate to the desired flow

  2. From the More Menu (...), select Schedule Flow...

  3. A dialog will appear to add a new schedule. Select the desired timezone and frequency of execution. Note: You can add more frequencies by clicking the Add button.

  4. Save the schedule.

  5. Create a destination for scheduled outputs by selecting one of the outputs nodes and clicking Add next to the Scheduled Destinations section. Add one or more Publish tasks to set the output. Scheduled destinations are only written to by scheduled jobs. Manual Destinations and Scheduled Destinations can be different.

Edit or Disable a Schedule

To edit or disable a schedule, simply click on the schedule on the top bar in Flow view and choose Edit or toggle the Enable switch.

Schedule a Plan

Schedules can also be used to trigger plans.

Using the API

You can also use third party orchestration tools such as Airflow or Control-M to automate your pipeline via Trifacta's RESTful API. For more information, please see Trifacta's API documentation.

Manage Schedules as an Administrator

Through the Schedules page, administrators can manage all of the schedules in the deployment.

The Schedules page is available in the left navigation bar to project owners and workspace administrators only.

The administrator can view, edit, enable/ disable or delete schedules from this page.

For more details, see Manage Schedules page

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