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How to generate profile statistics on results
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In addition to providing you with histograms and profile information during transformation, Trifacta can also provide information about the output of a job.

Enable Profile Results

In the Run Job dialog, you can toggle the Profile results option. Enabling the checkbox will generate the profile information for view after the job is completed.

Note: The Profile will spawn a secondary process, which may increase the time it takes for the job to complete. If you do not need to view the statistical information, disable this option to increase performance.

If you selected to profile results in your job definition, you will see the Profile tab in your Job Details page.

Here you can review the visual profile of your generated results in the Profile tab. Visual profiling can assist in identifying issues in your dataset that require further attention, including outlier values.

Export Profile Information

It is possible to download the information generated by the profile from the Job Results page. You can download the profile as a JSON or PDF.

  • Download as PDF: Download your visual profile and results of your data quality rules on the entire dataset as a PDF file. For more information, see Overview of Data Quality.

  • Download as JSON: Download your visual profile as a JSON file.

  • In particular, you should pay attention to the mismatched values and missing values counts, which identify the approximate percentage of affected values across the entire dataset. For more information, see Overview of Visual Profiling.

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