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The column names for your imported data set can be edited in the transformer. You can choose to rename a single column or multiple columns in one go.

Your transformations generate new columns that have automatically assigned names. You may want to change these, so renaming a column is an essential operation to know about.

Rename Single Column

Rename from Column menu

You can rename a single column by clicking on the column header on the dropdown caret and select Rename.

In the Rename columns panel, provide a new name for the selected column.

Rename Multiple Columns

You can rename multiple columns at once. Click Add to add more columns and their desired new names.

Rename from Columns View

You can also perform rename for multiple columns from the Columns view

Select multiple columns using Control or Command key. Right click and select Rename.

Rename a Column through Suggestions

Another way to Rename a column is to select the Rename suggestion card from the right side suggestions panel.

Edit the suggestion transform to provide the desired new name for the selected column.

Tips for Column Names

  • Column names are case-insensitive and cannot begin with white-space

  • Column names cannot contain escaped characters like \n

  • Column names with spaces or special characters will need to be wrapped in curly braces in transformations. Example - column1 , {column 2 with space} , column 3

  • To prevent potential issues with downstream systems, limit your column lengths to 128 characters or lesser

More Renaming Options

You can also Rename columns with other possible options like-

  • Add Prefix

  • Add Suffix

  • Convert to lowercase

  • Convert to UPPERCASE

  • Keep from beginning (left)

  • Keep from end (right)

  • Find and Replace

  • Clean current column names

Rename All Columns

You can apply your selected rename transformation to all your columns by using the ALL option along with the rename option.

For Example-

Rename ALL columns to UPPERCASE by choosing the ‘Convert to UPPERCASE’ option and use the drop down menu on the Columns option and select ALL. This will convert all column headers to uppercase.

PRO TIP: You can use the ALL option in many other transformations as well!

Check out this list of all of the transformations that accept the All option for selecting columns.

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