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When you enable Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta in a GCP project, you can access Google Cloud Storage files that are also stored in that GCP project.

How to connect to GCS in Trifacta

1. Navigate to the Import Data page. You can access this page by clicking on the Import Data button on the Trifacta homepage, the Import Data button on the Library page, or the Add Datasets button from within a flow.

2. From the Import Data screen, select the GCS link shown on the left panel:

This will open the GCS browser.

3. Navigate to the GCS bucket that contains the file that you want to import. Click on the name of the bucket.

4. Navigate to the file that you want to import. Note that to browse into directories, you should click on the name of the directory:

Don't click on the blue + icon next to the directory unless you want to concatenate all of the files contained in the folder!

Once you have found the file that you want to import, click on the blue + located to the left of the file name:

This selects the file for use in Dataprep. You will see a card in the right panel with a preview of the data contained in the file:

5. After the preview has fully loaded, you will be able to import your data. Click the blue Import button at the bottom of the screen to bring your table into Trifacta:

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