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Working with a broad dataset can get challenging when you have a wide range of columns. You can switch to columns view to be able to just see only the list of columns, column information or perform multi-column transforms.

But if you wish you re-arrange the columns in the Grid View, you can make use of the Move Transform.

In the top Search box, enter 'Move' and search. Select the resulting Move Columns option

Move Transform

Moves the specified column or columns before or after another column in your dataset.

Enter the Column to be moved, Select Before or After from the Option dropdown and specify the other column.

The preview highlights the column being moved with a 'Moved' tag on top and shows the moved column placed accordingly in the dataset.

Add this transform to your recipe.

More Options

You can use the Move transform to-

  • Move and reorder multiple columns at the same time

  • Move a Range of columns before or after another column

  • Use the Advanced function for a custom selection of columns to reorder

For scenarios where you want to rearrange many columns at once or to drop columns you do not need, another approach could be to use the SELECT transform.

Learn more about SELECT transform here

More Info

To learn more about Move transform, read this detailed documentation guide.

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