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As you wrangle your data, you can reorder you columns as needed using the MOVE Transform. But if you wish you perform a major rearrange in your table with multiple columns being moved or dropped, it is cleaner to use the Select Transform for this purpose.

Select Transform helps you derive a new table with an arbitrary schema from the existing columns, formulas and constants. Using Select, you can completely replace the columns in your dataset by selecting source columns, functions computed from the source, and constant values.

Using SELECT Transform

In the top Search box, enter 'Select' and search.

Click on the resulting 'Select' option

In the Transform builder, enter the source column name / function / constant you want to include in your resulting table, along with a name for this column in the resulting table.

Click Add to continue to add more columns to the resulting table.

You can remove an entry if needed by clicking the Remove option next to it.

Add this step to your recipe.

  • The new table now replaces your previous set of columns.

  • The columns you picked are now arranged in order as specified in the Transform builder

  • The columns you do not pick are dropped from the resulting table

After you have created your new table, you can disable or delete the step from your recipe to revert to the previous state.

More Info

To learn more about Select Transform, read this detailed documentation guide.

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