In the Column Details panel, you can quickly discover patterns in your dataset. The Pattern profiler allows you to see the most common patterns and anomalous patterns of data in a column across the sample. Using these patterns, you can gather detailed information about the consistency of data in the selected column. As always, you can also select the patterns to have Trifacta prompt you with suggested transformations to apply to the data.

View Patterns

  1. Select a column in your dataset.

On the Details panel to the right, you are shown a preview of the column's data quality details, values, distribution and patterns. The details will vary for different columns of varying data and datatypes.

Note- This is a preview of the entire column details that you will see in the Column Details view.

2. Click on Show Pattern Details

It takes you to the Pattern Profiler which shows the possible patterns and their distribution across the sample.

3. Click on a pattern to generate suggestions for transformations.

For details on how to view complete Column Details and how to use Patterns to add transform steps in your recipe, see this article.

More Info

For a detailed overview of Pattern Matching in Trifacta, read this documentation guide.

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