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You can use the REPLACE transform to replace values within the specified column or columns based on the specified string literal, pattern, or position.

Using Replace Transform

  • From the top toolbar, select the REPLACE icon

  • Expand the menu to see the available options under Replace

  • Select Text or Pattern

It opens the Replace transform menu on the right side panel.

Here you can specify the column(s) to look into, the pattern to find and the replacement string as required.

For Example - Here we are Replacing '$ ' characters from the Items column with '#' character. The preview of the column shows the replacement being made.

Note- You can use Trifacta Patterns and Pattern Clause Position matching to make more complex selections and rules around the replacement.

Replace Options

You can also perform Replace transformation based on other criteria such as

  • Replace Cells

  • Replace between Delimiters

  • Replace between Positions

  • Replace Missing values

  • Replace Mismatched values

To learn more about these options, read this documentation guide.

Advanced Options

When designing the REPLACE transform step, click on Advanced Options to expand and see more available options, such as-

  • Start search after

  • Stop search after

  • Ignore case

  • Match all occurrences

to make your search and replace more effective.

More Info

To learn more about Replace transform, read this detailed documentation guide.

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