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As you work with data, sometimes column header information may be stored in rows. You can transform row values to column headers directly by using the HEADER transform.

Using HEADER Transform

In the top Search box, enter Header. In the search results, select Rename with row(s)

The Transform builder opens for the Rename with Row(s) transform.

a) The default option selected is "Use a single row to name columns".

You can pick the row you would like to use as column header

The row number you specify here is treated as column headers. You can see the preview of the same and Add it to your recipe.

b) In the Type dropdown, you can also select the option to "Use the first row in the sample to name columns". This automatically picks the first row in the sample as column names.

c) Another option available in Type dropdown is "Combine multiple rows to name columns" wherein you can enter row numbers of multiple rows along with the desired separator to create your custom column names.

Creating Headers by Direct click on the Row Number

Alternatively, if you see the row you would like to use as the column, you can click on the dot to the left of the rows.

This automatically generates a suggestion for Header transform to utilize the selected row as column header.

Select this suggestion and Add to your recipe to rename your column headers as per values of this selected row.

More Info

To see more examples on using this transformation, check out this detailed documentation guide.

Also read more about Header Transform here

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