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To run a job from a flow, you must create an output object that defines where results are delivered after a job is successfully executed. Every flow requires an output in order to publish results.

In cases where you need to create output files with dynamic file names/path, you might require parameterization of outputs.

Parameterize Output

1. In the flow view, select the recipe, right click on it and select Add -> Output

2. Double click on the Output object that gets created. This opens the Output details.

3. Click to edit the existing publishing action or Add Publishing Option to create a new publishing action.

4. Click on Parameterize destination link

The Define parameterized destination dialog is displayed. You can now parameterize the output destination path in two ways.

Parameterize path with a Variable

1. On the listed output path, highlight the part that you wish to parameterize. Then, select Add Variable.

2. Enter a Name and Default Value for the variable as desired.

3. Click Save

The variable created is visible in the output object details in the Publishing Actions page. The variable can be overridden per execution.

Parameterize path with a TimeStamp

Timestamp parameters can be helpful when you want to create outputs based on date and time format, time zone, or exact & relative time.

When you define the output, you can replace an element of the output path with the timestamp parameters.

1. In the Publishing action page, click the Parameterize destination link.

2. On the listed output path, highlight the part that you wish to parameterize. Then, select Add Timestamp Parameter.

3. In the TimeStamp Parameter dialog that opens, enter the following:

a) Timestamp format - example YYYY-MM-DD_hh_mm

b) Timestamp value - select the value to record in path which can be either the exact time of job run or a time relative to job execution start

c) Timezone- You can also change the time zone by clicking on Change if required.

4. Hit Save.

For more information on the available time zones, see Supported Time Zone Values

More Info

To learn more about creating outputs and for more details on how to parameterize outputs, view this documentation guide.

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