Trifacta allows collaboration on created Plans with sharing and import/export options.

Share your Plans

Users can share plans with other users. The option to share a plan can be found in the Plans View page.

When a plan is shared, the user's permission determine the available actions.


1. User A is the author or editor of a Plan. In Plan View, User A clicks on the More(...) button next to the Plan and selects Share

2. User A enters the name of User B to share the plan with them.

3. User B receives the shared plan and is a collaborator. User B's role determines how they can access the plan, i.e if User B only has View permissions on plans, then User B can view but not edit the shared plan


  • When a plan is shared, the underlying flow tasks are not shared directly.

  • The plan can be executed only if the user has access to all the underlying flow tasks.

  • Plan schedules cannot be shared with users.

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Export your Plans

If you wish you reuse your Plan in another project, you can export the Plan and then Import in another project or environment.

Plan exports are useful for:

  • Backing up the work in progress on your plans

  • Archiving of completed development work

  • Integrating version control

You can export a plan from Trifacta SaaS from one system to another system as a zip file. The exported zip file contains a JSON file for the plan and JSON files for each of its associated flows. The plan and its assets, such as nodes, edges, and tasks other than flow tasks are exported into the plan definition file.

For each flow included in the plan:

  • Each flow is exported only once in a flow definition file, even if it is used in many plan flow tasks.

  • If the flow contains any artifact files, they are included as .data files next to the plan definition file. These files should be imported with the flow, too.

When you export the plan ZIP file, a snapshot of the plan is taken at the time of export.

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Import a Plan

An exported plan can be imported into Trifacta SaaS into a different workspace/environment/project


  • You cannot import a plan that was exported in the earlier release.

  • You cannot import schedules while importing a plan.

  • You cannot modify plan definitions outside of the Trifacta application.


When you import a plan, the corresponding flow tasks and HTTP tasks in the plan are also imported.


  1. From the home page of Trifacta SaaS, navigate to Plans.

  2. From the context menu of the Plans page, select Import.

  3. From the Import Plans window, select the exported zip file from your system and click Open.

The plan is imported and available for use in the Plans Page.

Learn more about Importing a Plan here.

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