Check out these latest new features in Trifacta Wrangler v7.10

Photon Execution

Introducing Trifacta Photon, an in-memory running environment for running jobs. Embedded in the Trifacta SaaS, Photon execution engine is fast and best-suited for small to medium-sized jobs.

  • When you choose to run a job, you can now choose to run a job on Trifacta Photon.

  • Trifacta SaaS specifies the most appropriate running environment as the default selection based on the size of your job.

  • For more information, see Run Job Page.

Sharing, Import & Export of Plans

You might need to collaborate with other users when creating & executing Plans. Trifacta allows collaboration on Plans by using sharing and import/export options.

  • Users can now share plans with other users allowing collaboration. The option to share a plan can be found in the Plans View page.

  • If you wish you reuse your Plan in another project, you can export the Plan and then Import in another project or environment.

Learn more about these options here

Sharing with granular permissions

You can now share flows and connections with other users and customize granular permissions for each flow or connection. For example, as a flow owner or editor, you want to share some flows as read only. For more information, see User Management.

Also, check out the new in-app tours, which walk you through the steps of wrangling your datasets into clean, actionable data.

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