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You can add new connections or modify the connections that you have already created through the Connections Page.

Access to the Connections page in the application and privileges on connections is governed by roles in your workspace. For more information, please contact your workspace administrator.

From the left nav bar, click the Connections icon.

You will see the Connections Page

Here, click on Create Connection button on top of the page to create a new connection.

a) Connection Type

Select the Connection Type you want to create from the list of all supported connections available on the platform

  • Use the Search bar to search for connection types.

  • Click one of the categories to browse for connection types that apply to the listed environment.

  • For more information on these connections, See Connection Types.

b) Connection Details

Enter the Details needed to setup the connection as displayed in the Create Connection dialog

Fill in all the required information like-

  • Host and Port

  • Connect String Options (optional) as necessary pertaining to the type of connection being setup.

  • Username & Password

  • Connection Display Name & an optional Description

You can click on Test Connection to verify the connection setup.

To learn more about the Connection setup options & their configuration, read this detailed documentation guide.

Tip : Work with your Database Administrator to fill in the Connect String Options pertaining to your database.

Once done, click on Create to create the connection.

The new connection will now be displayed in the Connections Page.

Note - During Create Connection, some connection types may not be available. If a connection of this type has been created, its connection card is disabled.

Other Options

Search: You can Search connections by name using the Search bar on top

Filter: In separate tabs in the Connections Page, you can review connections that you own, that are shared with you, or all connections to which you have access.

Details: You can view the details of the connection using View Details

Edit: If you own the connection, you can review and modify the connection.

  • If the connection has been shared with you, you can edit it to modify the credentials.

Share: You can make the connection available to all users by sharing it.

More Info

Learn more about Creating connections and their configuration by reading this detailed documentation guide.

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