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While doing data cleansing work, you may need to collaborate with others to create, maintain, and validate your flow. Trifacta allows you to easily share your work with others, allowing teams to complete the work faster and with more oversight. You can grant another user access to one of your flows to do co-development, and take turns updating the recipes.

You can manage access to a flow through the Share Flow dialog.

1. In Flows Page, hover over the flow you want to share and click the Share option that appears.


In the Flow View, you can click on the Share button on top right corner of the screen

2. A Share Flow dialog will open.

3. You can enter the names of one or more collaborators into the flow here, so that you may work together on the same objects.

4. You can also define them as Viewer or Editor for the flow being shared.

  • Editors can read, update, share and run the flow

  • Viewers can read and run the flow, but cannot make any edits

5. Click Share to finish.

Based on the type of access given, that user now becomes a collaborator (either a Viewer or an Editor) on the flow. Each selected user now can access the flow through their flows page.

When a flow is shared, all flow objects are shared, including:

  • Imported datasets

  • Recipes

  • Job results

  • Webhook tasks

Sharing a flow does not share access to the underlying data sources. For more details, see Overview of Sharing.

Once shared, the flow shows a shared icon against it in the Flows View page, and hovering over it displays the names of all the collaborators on the flow.

Email Notifications

Starting v8.4, users will receive notifications whenever a plan or flow is shared with them.

  • The email provides a direct link to view the Flow

  • The email specifies the permission level that was granted (Viewer or Editor)

Email notifications can be toggled in the Email notifications page of the user's preferences in the application. For more information, see the Email Notifications Page.

Schedule Modification

Starting v8.6, you can edit the schedules of flows shared with you if you are granted Editor access to the flows by the flow owner.

This is based on an option available to the workspace admin called Editor Scheduling. A user will be able to schedule or edit schedules of flows shared with them with Editor Access if this option is Enabled (default state) in the Admin console > Workspace Settings.

More Info

Learn more by reading these detailed documentation guides about Sharing of Flows and the Share Flow dialog

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