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You can now create connections to your Microsoft SharePoint instance from

Trifacta Wrangler Enterprise. You can create connections to:

  • SharePoint On-Premises

  • SharePoint Online

This connection supports reading from and writing to SharePoint Lists by abstracting the Sharepoint Lists as database tables for Trifacta.

Create a Sharepoint Connection

1. In the left navigation bar click Connections

2. In the Connections Page, click on Create Connection.

3. The Create Connection dialog opens up. Select Sharepoint from the available connection options.

4. Fill in the information to create a Sharepoint connection -

SharePoint URL

Enter the URL for your SharePoint Site or sub-site. Example value:


SharePoint Edition

Product edition of SharePoint in use:

SharePointOnPremise - Use this option if you have an on-premises installation of SharePoint to which you can connect within your enterprise infrastructure.

SharePointOnline - Use this option if you are connecting to SharePoint Online.

Auth Scheme

Authentication scheme:

Basic - (for SharePointOnline) username and password

NTLM - (for SharePointOnPremise) Windows-based authentication scheme for on-premises deployments.

User Name

Username to use to connect to SharePoint.


Password associated with the above username.

Test Connection

After you have defined the Share Point Edition, credentials, and connection string, you can validate those credentials.

Additional Connect String Options

Apply any connection string options that are part of your authentication to SharePoint. A default string has been provided for you.

For more information, see below.

Default Column Data Type Inference

Set to disabled to prevent the platform from applying its own type inference to each column on import. The default value is enabled.

Connection Name

Display name of the connection

Connection Description

Description of the connection, which appears in the application.

Connect string options

The following connection string is provided for you:





When enabled, the connection leverages any data that is automatically cached for each table. The default is false.


When enabled, table metadata can be retrieved from the SharePoint cache. The default is false.


This setting defines the duration in hours that objects are permitted to live in the cache. The default is 1.


This setting defines the number of seconds that a query to the SharePoint database is allowed to run without a response. The SharePoint default timeout is 60, which may cause complex queries of larger datasets to timeout.

The default value in the Connect String Options is 0, which means that there is no enforced timeout. Other timeouts may apply.


When enabled, users of the connection are permitted to view the columns that are created with the table, such as Created By and Modified By columns. The default is false.

For more information, see http://cdn.cdata.com/help/RSF/jdbc/Connection.htm.

5. Once done adding the relevant details, click Create - the connection gets added to the list of available connections.

You can now use this to Import as well as Publish to Sharepoint Lists.

OAuth 2.0 for Sharepoint

You can configure the Dataprep by Trifacta application to integrate with your SharePoint deployment using OAuth 2.0 to authenticate.


  • OAuth 2.0 is supported for SharePoint Online, which is available on Microsoft Azure.

  • OAuth 2.0 authentication must be enabled in the Dataprep by Trifacta Cloud . For more information, see Enable OAuth 2.0 Authentication.

To learn more, check out this detailed documentation guide on OAuth 2.0 for Sharepoint

More Info

To learn more, read the following documentation guides-

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