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The Trifacta platform can use SharePoint for the following tasks:

  1. Import datasets by reading from SharePoint Lists.

  2. Write to SharePoint Lists with your job results.

Before You Begin Using SharePoint

  • Read Access: Your SharePoint administrator must configure read permissions.

  • Write Access: You can write and publish jobs results to SharePoint.

Reading from SharePoint

You can create a Trifacta dataset from a List stored in SharePoint.


  1. From the Import Data page, select the SharePoint connection to create a dataset

2. Select a SharePoint database to see the Lists available.

3. Click the Plus icon next to a List to stage this SharePoint List as your source.

You can also Create Dataset with SQL by entering a custom SQL statement

4. Click on Import and Add to Flow to select as data source

Writing to SharePoint

You can write back data to SharePoint with your job run. Job results can be written directly to SharePoint as part of the normal job execution.

Click on Run Job and click on 'Add Publishing Action'

  • Create a new publishing action to write to SharePoint

  • Select Sharepoint from the left and select the Sharepoint List to publish to using the navigator/breadcrumbs or search

  • You can also create a new table and select the action of Create / Append / Truncate or Drop from the right

Now proceed to run the job. The results will get published to the selected Sharepoint List. Once the job finishes, the data is available in Sharepoint for viewing.

Some Trifacta data types do not map exactly to SharePoint List data types. These differences may appear when writing to a new SharePoint List. For more information, see SharePoint Data Type Conversions.

More Info

To learn more, read the following documentation guides-

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