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Extending our Configurable JDBC Framework, Trifacta has now started a faster rollout of connectors in the “Early Preview” status. Trifacta is introducing a new Early Preview category of connectors in the Create Connection dialog. Select connection types may be made available prior to general availability and full support. These Early Preview connection types are intended to enable customers to get connected to their source data to begin building their data wrangling pipelines.

Early Preview connections are made available through the Trifacta application with the intention of making them generally available and fully supported in the future.

Steps to Create an Early Preview connection

  1. Login to the Trifacta application

  2. In the left bar, click the Connections icon

  3. In the Connections page, click Create

  4. Select the appropriate card for the connection type. The cards for the connections below are marked: Early Preview.

  5. Specify the connection details as relevant

  6. Verify the connection by creating an imported dataset

Check out the details of creating an Early Preview connection here

These connections are supported with the following limitations:

  • Early Preview connections only support reading from datasets and support limited data types. Depending on the connector, publish capability and additional type mapping may be supported with general availability.

  • The configuration, supported use cases, supported data types, and limitations are subject to change prior to making the connection generally available.

  • Issues found in Early Preview connections may be addressed for general availability.

  • Enabled only on Premium editions of Cloud and Google Dataprep in 8.1

Learn about the possibilities and limitations of Early Preview connectors here

Pro Tip

  • Using Early Preview connections can assist Trifacta in prioritizing them for general availability.

  • Avoid using Early Preview connections in production environments without testing them first in Development/Staging environments.

For more information, see Connections Page.

Connectors released in v8.1

Fully Supported

  • MongoDB - NoSQL Document oriented DB

  • Mongo Atlas - Cloud hosted version of MongoDB

For details of creating these connections, read this detailed article

Early Preview

Coming Soon connections

Connections that are categorised as Coming Soon will be made available in the future. If you are interested to getting early access, please contact Trifacta Support.

More Info

For further details on Early Preview connectors, read this detailed documentation guide.

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