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Once your job finishes execution, you can check its status, get an overview of the results output and download it from the Job Results page.

Preview and Download your Job Results

  1. For all jobs, there is a Job Details page with a unique Job ID. You can access this from the Flow details or the Job History page

2. The Job Details page displays the Overview tab by default.

In the Overview tab, you can review the job status, its sources, and the details of the job run.

3. You can preview the job results and download the results directly from the Overview tab of the Job details page if it is a file output, or view more details about the output.

a) Download Output Data:

The output data section displays a preview of the generated output of your job.

NOTE: This section is not displayed if the job fails.

b) View output details: Click View details to view additional details about the output. This will take you to the Output Destinations tab and you can see the details in a panel on the right.

  • You can see a bigger preview of the output by clicking on the data itself.

  • You can also download the data from the Details page by clicking the Download button

For information on other details that you can see in the Job Details Page, read this detailed documentation guide.

Preview Job Results in Flow View

You can also preview job results in Flow View.

1. Click on the Output node and open the Details panel on the right.

2. See the Jobs tab - Each job for the selected output is tracked with a unique ID. You can track the progress, success, or failure of execution. If you have executed no jobs yet, the Jobs tab is empty.

3. For the latest job, you can preview the job results preview. You can open the preview, download the results or view additional details from here.


  • The Preview pane reflects the state of the data at the location specified for the output. If other jobs are also writing to this location, the state of the data may not reflect the output for this specific job.

  • This section is not displayed if the job fails. The Preview may not be available if errors occur.

4. To download the results from the output location, click the Download button.

5. To view job details, click View details. For more information, see Job Details Page.

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