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Early Preview Connections

Early Preview connections are made available through the Trifacta application with the intention of making them generally available and fully supported in the future.

To learn more about Early Preview connectors and how to create connections, read this article

Early Preview Connectors released in v8.4

Fully supported connections

SFTP support for GCP

You can create connections to SFTP servers to upload your datasets to the Trifacta® platform. Linux and Windows-based SFTP servers are supported.

  • This connection type is import only.

This feature is available in the following editions:

  • Dataprep Enterprise Edition by Trifacta

  • Dataprep Professional Edition by Trifacta

  • Dataprep Premium by Trifacta

    For more details, please read this detailed documentation guide.

Google Sheets Support for AWS

You can now create connections to your Google Sheets instance from Trifacta® SaaS

Google Sheets provides a spreadsheet interface for cloud-based data stored in Google Drive. It allows multiple users to edit and format files in real-time. For more information, see https://www.google.com/sheets/about/.

  • You can create multiple Google Sheets connections.

  • During connection creation, you must provide access to Google Drive.

    For usage, limitations, and more details, read this documentation article on the Google Sheets connector

To create these connections, go to the Connections page, select the respective card in your Create Connection dialog

For more information, see the Connections Page.

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