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During the execution of a job, should you need to cancel the run, you can do so from the Jobs Page by clicking on the Cancel Job button next to a running job.

Note that this option is only available for specific running environments. See the documentation for more information.

Confirm the cancellation.

The job is stopped and the status will show as 'Canceled'

Canceling Dataflow jobs

You can cancel a job that is executed in Dataflow. However, due to varying permissions, you may experience differing behavior:

  • If you cannot cancel the job from within the application, click View in Dataflow to see the job directly in Dataflow. You may be able to cancel the job in Dataflow.

  • Depending on the permission sets, the service account associated with the user's Trifacta account may have the appropriate permissions to cancel a job, but the user's personal account does not. In these cases, canceling is possible via the application.

For more information, see Google Service Account Management.

Canceling Sampling Jobs

You can also cancel Sampling jobs if you need to. To learn more, check out this detailed article about Sampling Jobs

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