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You can now review the total vCPU hours consumed by job execution within your project across a defined time period.

The Workspace Usage page identifies how Trifacta is consuming resources within your workspace. You can review the resources consumed to identify expensive or inefficient workflows.

The Workspace Usage page contains information on your current and maximum vCPU usage.

NOTE: You must be a workspace administrator to access this page.

This is for Google Cloud Dataprep Only in v8.5

Access the Workspace Usage page

You can access the Usage page by going to the Admin console and clicking on the Usage link in the left menu.

Virtual Centralized Processing Unit (vCPU) is the unit of computation for cloud applications. These hourly units are consumed when you generate samples or run jobs. Larger volumes of data or more complex transformations can consume more units.

Usage Period

You can review usage statistics from the Virtual Centralized Processing Unit (vCPU) usage drop-down. You can select the last six to 18 billing months or even customize the date range to review the usage.

Total vCPU hours

The total number of vCPU hours consumed by the workspace users on a monthly basis. The consumptions are based on the volume of data processed and the complexity of transformations executed.

Filtering by Usage period

You can filter the Usage by period using the filter dropdown.

Download Usage Report

You can use the Download full report option on the top right of the page to download the usage report in .csv format.

The dialog that opens up lets you select the time range for which you would like the report-

The report is then downloaded to your system in .csv format.

Users Tab

Under Usage Page, there is another tab called 'Users' which shows details of the Users and their activity patterns.

  • The User activity pane provides graphical information on the active users and seats in use over the selected time period for the selected project(s).

  • The Active Users list enables you to track the users who have logged into a project, made an API call, or scheduled a job run over the selected time period.

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vCPU Usage in Job Details

When you access the Job details page for a job that was executed, you can now see the vCPU Usage of that job in the Execution Summary

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