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You can create Plan tasks to deliver messages to specific Slack channels to which you have access. These tasks are helpful for informing a set of stakeholders across your organization about the execution of your plans.

  • A Slack task is a message from Trifacta to a specified Slack workspace channel.

  • You can only post messages to Slack channels.

  • Authentication must be made through OAuth.

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Feature availability

This feature is available for both AWS and Dataprep for Enterprise, Professional and Premium versions.


To send a message to Slack, you must create an app in the target workspace for the Slack channel to receive the message.

Steps to Add and Configure a Slack Task

  1. Open your plan in Plan View. Click a node to create a new task.

2. In the right panel, select Slack task

3. In the Request tab, set the following parameters:

OAuth Token

The OAuth token to use for posting the message.


Provide the Channel name or Channel ID or the Member ID of the person to whom you would like to post the message.


You can draft a custom message to be sent that can even can include metadata information about the tasks in the current plan run.

4. To test the message, click Test. A success message is displayed.

5. You can rename the task. click More menu > Edit in the right panel.

6. To add the task to the Plan, click Save.

Plan metadata references

Within the message of your Slack task, you can reference metadata about the plan that is being executed. For more information, see Plan Metadata References

Slack Message Received on Plan Run

As you execute the Plan, the workflow will trigger the Slack task at the defined sequence and will post a message to the specified Slack Channel.

You can customize the message to be posted as desired.

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