Trifacta allows you to create plan tasks to delete existing files or folders. These tasks are helpful for removing files that were generated as part of intermediate steps in your plan's execution.


  • You must have access to the storage, ie. either base storage or via a connection

  • You must have write permissions to:

    • Any connection through which you are removing files or folders.

    • Any bucket, folder, or file accessed through that connection.

  • Delete tasks are supported for the following file systems:

    • S3

    • ADLS

    • GCS


  1. Open your plan in Plan View. Click a node to create a new task.

  2. In the right panel, select Delete task.

  3. Set the following parameters:

    1. Connection (if necessary)

    2. Path

  4. To add the task to the flow, click Save.

You can reference the metadata of the Delete task in other tasks of the Plan. For more information, see Plan Metadata References.

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