Connecting to an on-premise or cloud database from Trifacta often requires opening up application ports or whitelisting IPs. However, due to existing security or compliance restrictions, some customers may not be able to open ports and will require a different method of accessing their data.

SSH Tunneling is a secure and accepted network standard for bridging access to locations via SSH ports. All data is encrypted during transit to ensure access is secure all the way across.

Feature Availablity

This feature is available in Dataprep v8.10 onwards and can be enabled by setting the feature flag 'feature.enableSshTunneling' to 'True'.

Supported database connections

SSH Tunnelling feature is available for the following databases-

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • Oracle DB

  • SQL Server

SSH Tunnelling Credentials can be added under the Advanced Options of the Connection settings for the supported connection types. These are optional fields used only when an SSH Tunneling host is required.

Types of Credentials Supported

a) Username and Password

b) Username and SSH Key

Once connected, you can perform all common operations with this connection such as browsing the database, ingesting from the database, importing data into your flow, adding Custom SQL and publishing back to the database.

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