The REST API connection provides a generic interface to relational data available through REST APIs. Using this connection type, you can create connections to individual endpoints across hundreds of REST-based applications.

This is an Import-only connection type and a limited set of request methods is supported.


  • You should identify the tables and (optional) data models for them that you wish to access.

  • Credentials to access your target endpoints

    • If you are using a key or token to access the endpoints, you should generate this token before you begin.


  1. Go to the Connections page

  2. Select the Applications tab

  3. Click the REST API card

  4. Modify the following properties as needed:



Base URI

The base URI for the endpoints to which you wish to connect through this connection. Example:

Tip: SSL access is supported over the HTTPS protocol.

Connect String Options

Apply any connection string options that are part of your authentication to REST API.

A default string has been provided for you. For more information, see below.

Authentication Type

The method by which you wish to authenticate to the endpoint.

API endpoints

Specify the endpoints to which to connect.

Test Connection

After you have defined the REST API credentials and connection string, you can validate those credentials.

Connection Name

Display name of the connection

Connection Description

Description of the connection, which appears in the application.

You can proceed to create the connection after entering the needed details. Once the connection is created, you can use it to explore and import data.

More Info

For more details, see REST API Connections

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