Early Preview Connections

Early Preview connections are made available through the Trifacta application with the intention of making them generally available and fully supported in the future.

To learn more about Early Preview connectors and how to create connections, see this article.

Early Preview Connectors released in v9.2

Marketo Connections

Marketo is a marketing automation platform that enables marketers to manage personalized multi-channel programs and campaigns for prospects and customers. For more information, see https://developers.marketo.com/.

To create Marketo Connections via Trifacta, read this detailed documentation guide.

SFTP Connection Support for AWS

in v9.2, Support for SFTP COnnectivity has been extended to AWS SaaS Edition as well. Check out this article for previously supported editions and other details.

More Info

For further details on Early Preview connectors, read this detailed documentation guide.

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